Environmental reports

Earth integrity is one of the topics we most take to heart. When presenting our environmental reports the aim is to show the most beautiful places and creatures of our world in order to make people aware of the importance of their preservation. A rich collection of long and hard-working shots, evidence of the most different environments, can not be missed.

THE SIGN IN THE SOUL - This work develops through pictures of the nature which represent the atmosphere suggested by some Japanese haiku.

INNER LANDSCAPES - Thinking about northern Europe in winter one would imagine a black and white environment. In reality, blue orange and green surprisingly join grey, creating a mix of sensations and feelings related to the peculiarity of the place.

THE WESTERN WIND - If you sit down on the sea shore in winter, on any coast of Northern Europe, and wait... something happens - always. And not only in the water, in the air, in the soil; something changes... inside of us.

THE ETERNAL WAIT - Vivaldi's four seasons is the most popular classic opera in the world. It has an extraordinary evocative power which lets us sink into a sort of magic that ends only with the last notes of winter.

THE ELEGANCE OF GREY - A valued sequence of monochromatic images accompanies the spectator through a particular atmosphere of intimate freedom.

EARTH - A sequence of images taken in different places of our planet underlines the beauty of the universe. Meanwhile, the quotes of famous personalities accompany the various topics, making us think about the future of our life.

THE MASTER AND THE MARGARITAS - The poetic sentences gathered by the book "He loves me, he loves me not" accompany some extraordinary pictures of flowers; the highest-level research conducted by the author.

THE HARMONY OF THE FOREST - In autumn, the upland of Cansiglio is surrounded a particular atmosphere; here, the silence turns into harmony.

THE UNFINISHED ISLAND - Maurizio Biancarelli's wonderful pictures draw us into the magnificent landscapes of a land ceaselessly changing.

HIGHLANDS - A journey through the Scottish highlands is an incredible experience which leads us to a dimension made of silence and solitude.

SOLITUDE - The necessary condition of taking pictures in the nature is a perfect solitude; only this way it is possible to create a relationship between us and the place.

UNIMAGINABLE - A vision of nature, suspended between reality and fantasy. A poetical research about dew and its most graphical expressions.

IN FRONT OF THE LION MONKEYS - The Gelada baboons live at their ease on the rocky uplands of the Ethiopian Simiens Mountains, between the sheer cliffs of some of the most beautiful mountains in the world.

LIGHT AND SHADE - We live in the city to escape solitude, but when we need to find ourselves we go back to nature. This route visualizes the changes in our frame of mind that inevitably occur when we lose ourselves in it.

ISHE LOVES ME, SHE LOVE ME NOT - Flowers, one of Nature's most wonderful forms of expression, are this work's subject matter. This piece was born as a presentation of the homonymous book.

IN THE KINGDOM OF DAMSELFLIES - A research project on the Piave river, where interesting natural islands typically appear.

ANIMANIMALE - Discovering the last examples of mountain gorilla in the entangled Bwindi forest in Uganda.

IN THE HEART OF SAVANNA - The large migration of gnus and their crossing of the river Mara.

WINGS - Greater flamingoes, European shags, Atlantic puffins, Northern gannets and Artic terms; wonderful figures which look like they are dancing on the screen.

HARMONIE - The magic of Nature creates a fantastic universe. Unusual patterns in the spider webs covered by morning dew.

THE FLOWERS OF THE PRINCE - A specific research project about some flower species realized through a special photographic lens.

THE RHYTHM OF THE SAVANNAH - The succession of events, from dawn to sunset, in the African savannah.

NEW ENGLAND ATMOSPHERES - The fabulous Autumn colours in the American Eastern territories.

THE ETERNAL WONDER - In the heart of the Rocky Mountains in the US miles and miles of unspoiled Nature still survive.

THE BONES OF THE EARTH - Stone, the bone of Earth, is represented in some of its most extraordinary forms.

THE EPHEMERAL EQUILIBRIUM - One vision about the fragile and delicate forms of Nature which do not cope well with the presence of human life.

Ethnic reports

We have visited many countries in Africa and Asia and when back home we tried to translate our experiences into works with a cultural and documentary value. Sometimes we talked about our emotions; at other times we enriched the content through citations and quotes by famous people. In some of our work we just left enchanting music to underline our inner journeys.

THE GREAT LABYRINTH - By wandering through the Ennedi, an area located in the north-east of Tchad, one has the impression of being inside a great labyrinth. And, like in any labyrinth, emotions pressingly follow one another.

KASHI, A SLICE OF SOUL - Kashi is the name of an ancient city of northern India; here is where the god decided to live and therefore here the world began. In this place, Vinicio Fosser, who took the pictures, lived for a long time.

THE SOUTHERN TREASURE - This realization focuses on Hausa's lost habits. This population lives on the border between Nigeria and Ciad.

ANCIENT PRAYERS - In the Ethiopian region of Tigrai still survives one on the most ancient forms of christianity. In this place churches aren't raised towards the sky; they sink in the ground instead.

EBONY WOOD - Niger: a route in the Haussa people's territory up until the Zinder. The Zinder is not only a wonderful witness of the saharian architecture but also a place sadly known to be a slaves centre.

THE BEAUTY'S PARTY - Every year the northern Niger Woodabe meet to celebrate a big party where young women choose their partener for life: the Gerewol.

THE GOLDEN DRAGON - The happy rediscovery of life values among the villages of Degar, various ethnic groups who live in Northern Vietnam along the border with Laos and China.

BROKEN COLOURS - A journey among the faces of people representing the numerous ethnic groups who live in this nation.

RAIN WARRIORS - Having survived over the years, the Masai live in the Rift Valley, an environment of extraordinary beauty.

TRINIDAD AND CUBANE TREASURE - A place where time stopped in the 60s but that looks forward to a new future.

THE LAND OF ONE THOUSAND BUDDHA - The great enlightened one has left a deep mark in Myanmar, formerly Burma.

ALMAZ, MISSING THE DESERT - Moments of every-day life for the Tuareg in the Sahara desert.

IN THE SHADOWS OF ANGKOR - Visiting the majestic archaeological complex which testifies to the grandeur of Khmer people.

LIJIAN BALLETS - Chinese ballerinas dance old stories from Chinese popular tradition.

NEPAL - AT THE FEET OF THE HIMALAYA - A trekking journey among the people living at the feet of this great mountain chain.

NEPAL - KATHMANDU AND ITS PEOPLE - A document about the religion and every-day life of people living in this valley.

Art expression

Creativity is the most personal form of expression we can offer those who align themselves with this form of communication. We then thought it almost unavoidable the need to explore the relationship between our innermost side and the environment we live in.
We did so with reflections which sometimes can be strong and at other times poetic, but always very subtly suggested.

THE COLORS OF ANXIETY - Two strong artistic movements stood out between the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th: Impressionism and Expressionism.

MESSAGE IN THE BOTTLE - Following his own instinct, a photographer spends a lot of years taking pictures in the planet's most distant corners.

THE GLASS TOWER - A ballad comparing the world of Nature with the world of Men.

THE HAYDN FANTASY - At a classical music concert imagination starts to fly on the symphony notes.

FROM VAN GOGH TO BACON - This work was realized through the occasion of homonymous exhibition which was dedicated to Impressionism.

PARCHEMENTS - The lines of a poem by Dorina Rech tell us about a reality which hides a deep personal journey.

UIRCHILL - HOW IS THE WORLD? - A subtle and intense reflection which arose from the dialogue between two French convicts.


Knowledge of human journey brings a new awareness. We explore this very interesting area thanks to a meeting with notable characters, such as the historical Daniele Ceschin and the philosopher Mauro Elasdi.

THROUGH ENEMY'S EYES - In the eyes of a Hungarian soldier a battle of the Great War is relived again.

A VANISHED WORLD - Memories of life in the Polish villages in the 30s and of the subsequent exodus into the capital, inside the ghetto.

MY LAND... - The difficult theme of the refugees at the end of the 19th century is explored in three fundamental events.

I GRIEVE - The beginning of the new millennium was shaken by an act of terrorism event never experienced before: the attack on the Twin Towers.