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The multi-image scenographies creation for the musical group BARBAPEDANA's concert has been a surely interesting experience.
They are a formation which plays traditional and popular musics of Eastern Europe, specialized in Balkan and Jewish music called "Klezmer music".
The group, which has many active incisions, make long researches where the traditional music come from and is constantly in contact with authors and musicians from Eastern Europe.

"For multi-image scenographies we've used images which have a great graphic effects projected on rooms' walls, and which create an atmosphere without borders.
And the use of real images referring to the places where musics were born, projected in appropriate screens, has given a great cultural importance to events."
More than 100 representations in several italian towns have confirmed the value of this cooperation.

Three are the concerts been born from this collaboration:

A travel through Balkans, meeting point between orient and occident, between languages, sounds and rhythms of different ethnic populations; a dive into "Rom" gypsy tradition and into jewish "Klezmer" from Eastern Europe.
"...Sherele is a show of rare originality, it is something more than music, something more than theater and something more than a travel through images..."

A mosaic of languages and sounds, linear and rich, comprehensible to everybody, which narrate the christian nativity. Popular patrimony's songs of close and far lands, mixed with wise sensibility and very interesting images extracted from famous pictures and drawings.
"...The novelistic wire has been supported with a coherent musical contribution, (also in the heterogeneity of the musical traditions which the group has been rifared and although executive choices to analogous times to the popular praxis, other freer and modern times. Multivision, projected on a big screen behind musicians, has contributed to create a suggestion and intensity in the show. The figurative citations proposed by Carlo De Agnoi interested topics from nativity to paint tradition, to the illustration for the childhood, cultural anthropological photography. The union between music and figurative art has valorized the religious feeling."
IL GAZZETTINO - December 2003

"Yol" is a turkish word that means road, direction, street ... and along this road sounds and words, in yiddish and romanès, mixed and they get confuse. Balkan dances, gipsy and jewish images, greek and roumenian atmospheres create a musical and visible path, sometimes easy to follow, other times more difficult and tortuous... like a road.

"...The great acting gets mixed with images evocation, and the music is used like a transport craft for both of them, giving us a whole of great involvement..."
FOLKBULLETIN - February 2001

" ...Between stage and screen, voice music and images get mixed with harmony, building a really original show..."

" ... a very intense and exciting show..."
IL GAZZETTINO - November 2000