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Multi-image is a form of artistic expression little known in Italy based on the ability to mix in a creative way two different and powerful expressions: photography and music.
Some slide projectors, or a high definition video-projector, controlled from a computer produce a sequence of images which mixed together with well selected pieces create a very involving and exciting atmosphere.
The spectator finds himself plunged into histories, journeys around the world, imaginary places… through the eyes of the artist the world is seen in a new and original light.

Presentation can use various and different structures such as the single screen, the panoramic screen or the architectural features of buildings, giving life to a wide range of visual effects.
The extreme versatility of multi-image, with its ability to widely evoke, makes this form of artistic expression highly integratable with various types of shows creating never before seen footage for musical concerts, theatrical and dance events.

PHOTOS because they are able to record our experiences and memories of life.
Our memory, like a kaleidoscope, binds fragments and moments of these experiences giving birth to images and visual sensations. Multi-image does the same.
MUSIC because it predisposes the spectator to a particular sensation, accompanies him into the vision of pictures and carries him away feeling new sensations.
IDEA because this makes the story and creates a journey through new impressions. Through the personal idea of the author music and images become a real work of art.
Three aspects with one common purpose: LET YOUR EMOTION GROW
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