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The Association's long presence in the world of multi-image has allowed it to develop a practical experience in organization.
The “Fantadia” International Festival of Multi-image, which takes place in Asolo, is definitely the most important event.
Formed in collaboration with "Il Parallelo Multivisioni" of Padua, the festival was born in 1996, and it achieved its maximum success in 2001, when the installations placed in different parts of the historic centre involved the whole town in a unique environment of rare beauty from the artistic and architectonic point of view.
In never before seen audio visual shows the union between multi-image and other forms of art such as dance and live music has been evocatively and successfully tried.
Norwegian, Australian, American, English, Austrian, Scottish, German and Italian authors presented the best of world-wide multi-image works and shows at a very high level.

When the Fantadia experience had been finished, we turned our engagement to the organization of reviews and shows. The organization takes care for several years especially of the following festivals:

IMAGO MUNDI, national festival - Municipal theatre of Falzè di Trevignano (TV) - 19 editions  go to page
MULTI-IMAGE AT ABBEY, show - Abbey of Santa Maria di Pero in Monastier (TV) - From 2003 to 2014
LET'S DISCOVER MULTI-IMAGE, national festival - Municipal auditorium of Feletto (UD) - From 2001 to 2014
ON THE WINGS OF EMOTIONS, national festival - Municipal auditorium of Remanzacco (UD) - 9 editions
ANIMA MUNDI, national festival - Villa dei Manzoni ai Patt in Sedico (BL) - 4 editions

In collaboration with A.I.D.A.M.A. (Italian Association of Artistic Multi-image Authors) Marco Polo Multivisioni has organized and led, in several Italian towns, different seminaries turned to the learning of the Technics for multi-image.
These courses teached by Carlo De Agnoi e Francesco Lopergolo, permitted to beginners to become closer to this form of expression, and to experts to improve their technics, using some simple but basic reading keys. • View the plan
The Association has taken place into the organization of a specialized course, which lasted 400 hours, for the I.A.L. Learning Job Institute in Pordenone for the creation of a new professional figure: the multi-image creator.

In the photographic field some workshops are periodically organized.
Normally, they are taught by Carlo De Agnoi in collaboration with other professional photographers these courses explain how to deepen composition, technical and expressive skills properly in this artistic form. • View the list

The Association has taken care the preparation and the realization of several photographic exhibitions based of the theme "the man".
Some of them where inside Fantadia, and others are ordered directly by Asolo's Communal.

• CHRYSALIS by Luciano Laghi Benelli
• NAPOLITAN MARRIAGE by Francesco Cito
• DISORDER by Enrico Dagnino
• THE FACE AND THE MASK by Francesca Mascotto
• THE INDIA OF BRAHMAPUTRA by Luciano Vettorato

• DEAR MARM by Romano Cagnoni
• CUBA! ESPECIAL PEOPLE by Carlo Cattadori
• MANNEQUIN by Mario Vidor
• PHOTO OF THE ROAD by Mignon Photographic group