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The group was born in 1992 from an idea of Carlo De Agnoi who, together with Luciano Vettorato and Isidoro Bressan, started a long learning journey identifyzing in this kind of expression a new and powerful way of communication.
In 1994 the group was set up as a non-profit Cultural Association.
The main aim is promote all the aspects of culture and art bound with multi-image expression, increasing the creation of new points of reference in the national area.
Many cooperations with other photographers and artists and the creation of audiovisual sets for ethnic and new age concerts broaden the way of interpreting multi-image.
The set up of seminars for learning the techniques to realize multi-image works help to the spread of this particular kind of expression.
Thanks to the organization of festivals and shows the Italian public meet one of the most important international authors.

1992 - The group set up
1994 - Setting up as Cultural Association
1996 - Organization of the first edition of Fantadia, international multi-image festival
1997 - Starts the organization of learning Seminars
1997 - Starts the cooperation with the ethnic music group Barbapedana
1997 - Learning period at First Image & Snappers of London
1997 - Organization of the second edition of Fantadia, international multi-image festival
1998 - Cooperation with Cà dei Carraresi in a work in the exhibition “From Van Gogh to Bacon”
1998 - Graduated audio visual technician at “Wizard Master Dataton” in Sweden
1999 - Organization of the third edition of Fantadia, international multi-image festival
1999 - Organization of a course on creative techniques for multi-image for the “Istituto di Avviamento al Lavoro” in Pordenone
2001 - Organization of the forth edition of Fantadia, international multi-image festival
2002 - Setting up of the group “Multivisionari d’Oriente”
2004 - Publishing of the photographic book “Ascolta il battito”
2007 - Transition to digital multi-image
2008 - Realization of historical works on World War I for a group of 7 towns
2008 - Invited to Festival del Photo Animalière et de Nature in Montier en Der (France)
2009 - Organization of creative multi-image seminars
2010 - Organization of photographic workshops
2011 - Invited to Festival de l'image Projetée in Chelles (France)
2012 - Invited to Festival Nature in Montier en Der (France)
2013 - Organization of creative multi-image seminars with specific practical session
2014 - Organization of multi-image festival for beginners
2015 - Organization of multi-image festival and seminars
2016 - Organization of multi-image personal shows
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